The 14 Best Tobacco Flavored E-Liquid

The best tobacco flavored eliquid

If you’ve just started vaping, or you’ve used e-cigarettes to curb your smoking for years, the number of flavors available can be overwhelming. From sweet fruit flavors and menthol in a hundred variations to vaping liquids designed to recreate the flavor of conventional smoking, it can be hard to choose. Not to worry. Read ahead and find out the 14 best tobacco flavored e-liquids on the market.


Tobacco E-Liquid
The perfect blend for the beginning vaper. This smooth, fresh vape will make your transition easy and enjoyable.



Menthol E-Liquid
Don’t worry. You won’t be inhaling mint. This e-liquid is carefully blended to recreate the flavor of a menthol cigarette.



RY8 E-Liquid
Twice as good as the popular RY4 e-liquid, RY8 is savory, smooth, and satisfying.


Alderberry Blend

Alderberry Blend E-Liquid
With a wonderful blend of five berry flavors and a smooth tobacco undertone, this flavor was inspired by Dave Albers, the legend of the Sunset Strip.


Curious George

Curious George e-liquid
Pinkspot’s Curious George flavor was developed to provide a perfect balance of smooth banana notes with an undertone of tobacco on the exhale. Sweet and smooth, this is the one if you want your vape just a little fruity.



Sub Zero E Liquid
Subzero is a radically new kind of menthol. As cool as it gets.



Outlaw E-Liquid
The premiere 555 blend e-juice on the market. If you like other 555 blends, this will knock your socks off.



Clove E-Liquid
Even nonsmokers are allured by the taste and aroma of clove cigarettes. Pinkspot’s Clove flavor is the closest you can get in an e-liquid.


Choco Loco Tobacco

Choco Loco Tobacco E-Liquid
With a smooth chocolate flavor on the inhale and mild tobacco notes on the exhale, Choco Loco is the perfect balance.


USA Blend

USA Blend E-Liquid
Whether you’re driving in traffic, or driving a herd, this bold, savory blend is made for the modern cowboy.


Peach Pit Tobacco

Peach Pit Tobacco E Juice
This is your new daily e-liquid. With a delightful peach flavor bolstered with undertones of tobacco, you may have just found a vape that’s better than a smoke.


Honey Cured Tobacco

Honey Cured Tobacco E-Liquid
A realistic, subtle honey flavor balanced with smooth tobacco. This blend is the next level in e-liquid flavoring.



swagger e-liquid
This is as good as it gets in tobacco flavored vaping. Smooth and yet bold, Swagger is the state of the art in e-liquid blending. You’ll want to tell everyone that your vaping Swagger.


USA Menthol

USA Menthol E-Liquid
The USA blend’s minty cousin, USA menthol, is sure to satisfy anyone looking for a full flavor menthol tobacco taste.

 So there you have it. The next time your craving that hit of smoky, smooth, classic tobacco flavor remember this list and venture on over to Pink Spot Vapors for the best e-liquid on the market! Happy Vaping. 


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