Thanks Curt!

You people are the best!
I am absolutely blown away by your customer service.  Not only are you the best producers of ejuice, but your customer service and how you treat me are phenominal.  It is rare these days to find a company that care as much about their customers as you do.  Top freakin notch!
There was no where for me write a comment on your website, so I figured I’d take my chance by replying to this email.
Your LOYAL customer,
- Curt

Thanks Omar!

Hey guys, I’m just emailing you to tell you you are the best. I previously bought some from you and I have tried different companies. Nothing beats the tastiness and smoothness of your ejuices. You guys have some kind of gold secret in your lab dont you, lol. Thank you so much that you guys exist and from now on you are my main provider of ejuices and in my area i already told couple people about you, and they went straight to swagger hahahah, but they need to try so many nice flavors that you guys offer. Thank you so much, and i will be getting much more from you! Thank you Thank you ! haheheheh Sorry I’m just little too excited about your juices! Sincerely

- Omar M.

Thanks Angela!

I just wanted to let you know that I love your e juices! They are by far the best I have ever tasted. The flavor , the vapor , the throat hit ,lt is all there. The personal notes that you take the time to write, are very nice also. Although the strawberry cheesecake and pink spot are my favorite, I look forward to trying all of them. It’s pretty chili here in Ohio so enjoy some sun for me. Thank you so much,

- Angela

Thanks Taylor!

I just wanted to write a long overdue thank-you–my fiance (Charles Hubbard, another VA customer!) and I LOVE your company. The flavors and consistency of PSV e-liquid surpasses anything we’ve used before, and believe me, we’ve tried just about everything out there. Richmond has a few vapor lounges that are convenient and cheaper, but SO not worth it. They ruined our devices and irritated our throats, didn’t provide great throat hits, and had terrible flavors. My fiance actually used to work at an electronic cigarette stand and would pull his clients aside to hand them Pink Spot cards, explaining that any drops their booth sold were nothing compared to PSV!

We met you guys at Vapor Con last year and loved how you were just as friendly in person as you are in your handwritten notes included with the packaging (which we also love!), and we enjoyed the free samples you gave us and discovered lots of new favorites. That’s another thing we love about ordering from you guys: the free samples almost always dictate what we’ll try next, and the extra bottle is convenient when he and I share drops so we can compare even more flavors. Plus, it’s just a nice little surprise to try and guess what the extra flavor could be, haha.

To sum up, there’s nothing we don’t love about PSV! Whenever people comment on our egoT devices (or my little brother’s ancient yet still somehow functioning Blu), we all give them one of your business cards. If you guys ever move to the east coast, please consider Richmond for a storefront locale! Thank you so much for making such an awesome product and, as my fiance said after meeting you, “just being awesome people.” Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

- Taylor H.

Thanks Dave!

Hi Sandi & Penn, I just wanted to say “thank you.” I received my ejuice, “Black Mamba” today.  I really appreciate you shipping it out so quickly. This arrived in perfect time too, since I finished 12ml over the weekend. I love this flavor!  Also, I didn’t expect to receive 2 samples you graciously included. You guys not only make great juices, but your customer support with personal touches are one of the best I’ve seen in any business! I always look forward to your personal greetings that you include with every order:) Thank you so much for going the extra mile!  Keep up the good work and have a great Halloween! Sincerely,

- Dave

Thanks Yannick!

Hello. Thank you for the gift and for having sent my order sooner than you said on the website (7-10 days delayed for the international orders). My order arrived just fine tonight and I can vape my daily choice of e-juice. And the bottles are just beautiful !!

Until next time, happy holidays, happy Christmas and Happy New Year to both of you and your staff if you have one. Have a nice day / evening.

- Yannick

Thanks Pirate!

i just want to say thank you on your service and your e juice. ive ordered 4 times from you guys now and have never been disappointed. i always get a sample of a flavor that i haven’t tried and that i do enjoy. so whats not to like about that!! and i look forward to a hand written paragraph saying thanks and to enjoy the day and holidays. i have never seen that from any supplier of the e liquid or of any thing i order online of that! i order at least 1 thing a week offline to make that more amazing. shipping is fast the sample pack is a great price which i have used each time so i can hopefully try each one of your flavors some day lol. i would any day mention to my friends about pink spot vapors to get there eliquid for great prices and flavors. the cherry limeade you guys makes reminds me of sonics cherry limeades but that i can vape all day and not drink and see the bottom of the cup and be sad. i hope you guys have a great day and i look forward to getting my e liquid in the mail that i just order 20 minutes ago.

if you want to use this as a review you are more than welcome too!! have a great day guys now get to making my e liquid I’m almost out :) sincerely

- the pirate sitting at the desk

Thanks Lee!

Hello Sandi and Penn! I really wanted to thank you for upgrading my free sample. You two REALLY know how to keep your customers happy (aside from making a top quality product and just plain doing everything well). I also just wanted to let you guys know that you are my exclusive juice provider obviously meaning I ONLY buy juice from you! I’ve tried a few others but they just weren’t Pink Spot! From what I’ve tried out you absolutely without a doubt make the BEST juice in my personal opinion. I hope you’re both doing well personally=2C financially and with your business. Thank you again.

- Lee

Thanks Eric

Hey this is Eric and I just wanted to say thanks for all the great products and top notch customer support you have given me. I have ordered from you 3 times now and have always gotten my orders very fast and never had any problems with ordering. I have been vapeing for 4 years straight now and have done business with a lot of different companies not all have been so good. I like to find a company I can rely on like yours that has superb customer service and very fast turn around time once an order is placed. I used my last liquid vendor for 3 years straight and had a great relationship with them until they expanded and customer service fell apart. I really like the personal notes you doodle to each envoice that accompanies each order it makes it feel more personal which is something that has been lost in most e-commerce business. I have been doing this long enough and interact with a lot of people who ask for my recommendations as how to get started or who to buy products from and you are #1 on my list of who to order fluids from. I have yet to get a bad bottle of fluid from you and only had one I did not like at all (ry8) but that is part of the game finding ones which you like but never thought you would then those that sound great but not one you actually enjoy. I really like the samples you have sent in each order and am really enjoying this last one of the Peach Green Tea as I would not have tried it otherwise and was shocked to see it was a larger bottle. I look forward to doing future business with you and will continue to send more people your way.Thank you.

- Eric D.